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Ruder Finn CEO Kathy Bloomgarden met with colleagues Alan Ma of RF China, and Nick Leonard of RF UK to discuss how the pandemic has affected the business landscape and by extension, communications, across the globe.

As we face continued pandemic challenges in 2021, Kathy Bloomgarden, Ruder Finn CEO, explores the importance of innovating and establishing connectivity, both internally and externally, through sensitive leadership and innovative storytelling.

​Alan Ma, Head of Innovation Studios and Marketing Consulting for Ruder Finn China, discusses how accelerated digitalization has inevitably changed the ways in which consumers interact with brands, and in particular, the widespread global adoption of livestreaming as more and more brands begin embracing this new means of storytelling.

​As brands increasingly embrace the new trend brought on by live-streaming, Head of Innovation Studios and Marketing Consulting for Ruder Finn China, Alan Ma, shares the critical importance of brands identifying their business priorities, using targeted audiences, and leveraging the most impactful platforms for their messaging.

​As the pandemic continues to impact cities around the globe, Ruder Finn UK Managing Director Nick Leonard discusses how this economic and cultural inflection point will impact how businesses continue to innovate in the year ahead.

Nick Leonard, Managing Director of Ruder Finn UK, discusses the end of in-person presenteeism, and how companies and business leaders can employ more personalized communication to make a larger impact on individuals’ lives, and our surrounding communities at large.

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