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Leading through the COVID-19 Crisis

Amidst the chaos of the Coronavirus pandemic, one thing is clear: Confidence in our leaders remains paramount. Here, Ruder Finn CEO Kathy Bloomgarden discusses the significance of effective leadership in not only our pandemic present, but our post-crisis future.

Lessons in Leadership

In times of uncertainty and crisis — much like the complex environment we face today — people increasingly look to the leaders they know for strong direction in the form of decisive action, and insight.
In the face of crisis, these traits build not only strong leaders, but public heroes. One excellent illustration of this is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

What Can You Learn
from a Crisis?

Amidst the chaos of COVID-19, today’s CEOs are tasked with driving business forward amidst a myriad of challenges. How do you genuinely look for lessons in something so extreme as a pandemic? In the end, crisis gives us all the ability to set aside old ways and accelerate transformation.

The Reset: Dream Big, Despite Crisis

Today’s CEOs and business leaders are navigating uncharted waters as they deal with both the shocks and aftershocks of COVID-19. But despite these challenges, it has become ever-critical for CEOs to remain agile in their actions — transforming quickly to ensure business continuity and to bring their best and think out of the box.

The Importance
of Inspiration

It’s not enough for today’s CEOs to be simply informative in a time of extreme discord and ambiguity. If today’s leaders want to guide their employees through this crisis and rebuild their confidence, they must become not only leaders by trade, but inspirational counselors by design.

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